Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

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Reservations ~ We no longer take reservations. Animals are sold on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Deposits will be required within one week of purchase agreement.  Deposits shall be in the amount of 50.00 for bucks, and 100.00 for does.  This deposit will hold the animal for 30 days in which the buyer must arrange pickup or transport. Keeping buck kids intact out of first fresheners will be determined by the quality of the dam's udder after kidding.

Pregnant does will not travel during their last 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Deposits can be made by check, money order, or Paypal.  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE, however; in the unfortunate circumstance of death or illness, the deposit may be directed towards a future kid, or refunded, at the discretion of Thunderhill Farms.

Payment by personal check is accepted only on deposits OR as Payment in Full at least two weeks before pickup. Cash is required if animal is paid for at pickup.

Sales ~ All sales are made on a first come first serve basis unless a reservation has previously been made.  All sales are FINAL. We cannot guarantee the care a goat will be given once it leaves our farm and we accept no returns.

Prices include initial CD/T shots, worming, and hoof trimming. We do not tattoo young kids until they are 6 months old and ready for their CAE Testing,  or entered into a show.


Click HERE for a wonderful Article by Tim Pruit about "Raising Kids the Natural Way".  Most of our Kids are Dam raised. We will bottle feed kids if requested by their new owners and ONLY if kids are picked up during their first week of life.


We guarantee our animals to be healthy and thriving when they leave the farm. All animals will have had their first CD/T Shots, be wormed, and have hooves trimmed before leaving the farm.  We do not guarantee the amount of milk a doe will produce. We cannot guarantee the health of any bottle raised kid after it leaves the farm. We do not guarantee fertility of does that were bred or freshened, or raised on farms other than our own, even though we may be using them as breeding stock.

Because we can not guarantee the type of care given to the animal (s) once they leave our farm, no refund or replacement will be offered unless a certified Veterinarian statement or Necropsy report states that the animal was unhealthy due to a genetic problem or circumstance that could only be caused before the buyer had taken possession of the animal.

  Any illness or injury attributed to buyer care or lack thereof will not warrant return of purchase price or replacement of animal.  Any cost associated with replacement of animal, such as shipping & health certificate, will be the responsibility of buyer.


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