Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

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Medication Dosages  

First of all, we are not Veterinarians or licensed practitioners, so please do your research! This page is here simply as a quick aid for us to check on medication dosages for our own goats.  You are welcome to agree or disagree with our methods and dosage amounts, there are probably hundreds of ways to raise goats and we're not sayin' ours is the right way or wrong way...but it works for us.  This page is not intended as an indication for any goat farms other than our own.  We do not accept any liability for the use of this information. Now that the "I am a not a doctor or expert" spiel is stated. Here is what we use around the farm.

Click here for Cornell University's list of plants that are poisonous to goats

Hoof Trimming article with illustrations

   Wormers highlighted in purple     Antibiotics in blue
 Note to Self:   Be sure to update Health Records after treating!
Ivomec 1 cc per 55 lbs, inject. OR orally
Cydectin 1 cc per 17 pounds, pour on for cattle given oral to goats
Valbazen 1 cc per 22 lbs, not for preg does
Safeguard 0.6 cc per 25 lbs, not effective in our area for adults or older kids
Di-Methox 40% injectable Orally. for coccidia prevention/treatment .08cc per lb day one, and .04cc per lb day 2-14
Penicillan G 1ml per 12 lbs
Bio-Mycin (oxytetracycline) 1 ml per 25 lbs, three doses max, 1 dose every other day
Tylan 200 1 ml per 25 lbs
Nuflor RX 1 cc per 25 lbs,1 dose every other day
Fortified B complex (thiamin 100 mg per ml) 3 cc per adult
CD&T Vaccine 2 ml for everyone
Pastuerella Pneumonia Vaccine (Colorado Serum) 2ml SQ, repeat 2-4 weeks later, then yearly
CPMK drench Calcium, 1 oz after kidding
Bo-Se RX 1 ml per 40 lb, careful w this, Copper overdose can be fatal
Tetanus Antitoxin Full vial for adults, half for kids
Banamine RX For fever/pain 1 ml per 100 lbs - 1x per 24 hrs
Dexamethazone RX Anti-inflammatory - not for preg does
Oxytocin RX 0.5 cc per doe, ONLY if needed for kidding aid or aid to pass placenta. uncomfortable for the gals
Red Cell 3 cc orally, daily for 1 wk, iron, for anemia, our goats hate it
Geritol 5 cc orally, daily for 1 wk, iron, for anemia,
Epinephrine 1 cc SQ per 100 lbs
Propylene Glycol 50-60 cc 2x day for ketosis
Lactated Ringers 30 cc SQ in each shoulder several times a day if needed, electrolytes
Kopertox apply topically
Peppermint Oil for udder massage
Probios after transport, after antibiotic, after stress, after illness, scours
Nutradrench 2 cc per kid after colostrum is received
Iodine 7% dip naval cord and tie off w/unwaxed dental floss
Love and Attention Unlimited amount, given daily, sometimes 2x or 3x daily
20-30 days before kidding. each doe gets:


2 cc CD&T
2-3 CC Fort B Complex
1-2 cc Bo-Se
Day of Kidding, each doe gets:
Antibiotics (5 days), if we have to go in and help
Yearly, Everyone gets:  
CD&T 2ml
Bo-Se every 3-5 months
hoof trimming every 60-90 days
Love and Attention Daily :o)


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